Touring tent stove, Fishcamp FireView S06. An original portable wood-burning stove. The stove has a long chimney pipe that exhausts fumes and smoke from the cooking area. The chimney sections are collapsible and stored inside the stove body, while the legs fold for easy transportation.

Perfect for the beach, mountains, lake, or wilderness adventures.


  • 5 chimney sections stored inside the stove body
  • Window in the doors
  • Damper in the doors
  • Foldable legs for easy transportation
  • Very sturdy 2-millimeter stainless steel body material
  • Super portable and quick to install
  • The stove can be easily mounted in a tent using additional pass-throughs
  • Foldable side hooks
  • Strong internal grate
  • Poker included

Included in the package:

  • Stainless steel stove
  • 5 exhaust pipes
  • Poker
  • Gloves

We offer adapters that allow you to connect various Gstove accessories, such as elbows, dampers, ovens, and more, to this stove.

For safety reasons, we recommend using a carbon monoxide and smoke detector.

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Heat Stove Fishcamp FireView F06

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